12 of 12 February 2010

I first saw this on Brian's blog and then went to Untitled Chad Darnell Project who started 12 of 12 .  This month is not too exciting to look at.  I had school 1/2 a day, ran some errands, relaxed a little, went to game night at my friend Skot's house, came home and tried to sleep.  By the time 12 of 12 next month comes around I'll be done with my school work and working on my internship, yeah!  Any way, here is 12 of 12 for February 2010.

As I am getting ready for school in the morning I have the Today show on TV.  Everything is centered around the winter Olympics.

Had a test at school (got a 100 ) lots of lab and then time to head home.  It was a very windy day and here all the palms are blowing in the wind.

After making a couple of stops I got home.  They are building a new house across the street from me and it is almost done.

My red and white flowers are still doing good.  Another month and they will start to die off and will be replaced with more hardy summer plants.

Now it's time to squeeze lemons from my lemon tree.  My lemon tree is actually located at Skot's house.  Skot and I bought it like 12 years ago when I was living in my apartment and had no place for a tree.  The lemons are wonderful.  I made fresh lemonade and vodka to take to game night tonight.

I stopped by the store on my way home to pick up a couple more things for Sunday for Chase as Sunday is Valentines Day.

Of course it can't be 12 of 12 without shots of Yuli and Sassy!

I played a quick game of Wii Bowling.

We went to Skot's and played Tripoley.  I use to play this game when I lived in Ohio so many years ago.  I've been looking for it and Chase found it at the fle market.  It was fun.

We came home and I could not sleep so I was doing so research and planning for our trip to Japan in April.  After I complete my internship in April Chase and I are going to Japan for 16 days.  Chase has friends that live in Tokyo we are going to visit.  It should be a wonderful and interesting trip.

Yuli has to always be around me when I'm home.  She hates it when I can't sleep because she's tired and I'm up and down.  So as I was working on the Japan trip she was trying to catch a quick nap before bed time.  She's so sweet.


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